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About Us

Yuka Paris was established in 1985 by the Avitan brothers, eight dedicated siblings who shared a vision to create a timeless and elegant clothing line. With the heart of the company in Paris, the brothers dispersed across the globe, each contributing their unique creative input to develop the line now known as Yuka Paris. From Paris to Johannesburg, Budapest, Tel Aviv, Milan, Madrid, New York Barcelona and Moscow, the line blossomed into a globally recognized name.


A Japanese business partner joined the brothers’ journey in bringing the chic and sophisticated line Yuka Paris to life. The term “yuka” in Japanese refers to a blossoming flower of elegance, while Paris symbolizes the romantic and feminine influence from the line.


The company’s timeline commenced with the opening of the first wholesale store in Paris, France.  The following year, Yuka Paris made its first appearance in Paris Fashion Week - establishing an unforgettable presence with classic knits and elegant wardrobe pieces including dresses, blouses and skirts. 


During the next four years Yuka showrooms began opening worldwide in an abundance of locations in Europe and North America.  Eight brothers in eight cities expanded the brand as a symbol of European elegance and class. The “total look” evolved into a classic clothing line for the modern-day woman on the go.


Today, Yuka Paris’s office in Miami, Florida is the center of all E-Commerce operations. Yuka Paris now has a customer base exceeding 500 buyers that represent major chain stores and specialty boutiques. Yuka takes great pride in its ability to emerge in a world market and thrive while staying to true to quality and innovation in the fashion world.